Mersey Beat set

Here is the third complete set of Cymbal & Gong’s Mersey Beat series cymbals I’ve sold in about the last year. I assembled this set for Ira in Florida, who wanted them to be as Ringo-like as possible, with a definitely rideable 18. There were several MBs in the current batch that were darker or more exotic than usual; I chose the brightest cleanest ones, that also had nice pitch intervals between them.

From left to right these cymbals are:
14″ Hihats – 744/892 grams
18″ Crash-Ride – 1411 grams
20″ Crash-Ride with four rivets – 2209 grams (rivets not installed in the video)

The sticks here are Regal Tip 7As with a nylon tip— I wanted to avoid marking the cymbals. The slight orange hue is just the lighting; they’re regular B20 cymbals, that are pale bronze in color.

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