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Cymbal & Gong is a Portland, Oregon company which produces limited quantities of some of the world’s finest traditional hand-crafted cymbals, created by artisan cymbal smiths in Turkey, and beautifully patinated.

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NEWS – 6/4/22

We will return to Germany from June 27 to July 11, to meet drummers, deliver pre-ordered cymbals, and show as many more cymbals as we can carry. Here are the meetings we have planned:

Berlin – Wednesday, June 29 – THOMAS RÖNNEFARTH PERCUSSION
Quitzowstraße 52, 10559 – 1-5pm

Dresden – Thursday, June 30 – Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber
Wettiner Pl. 13, 01067 – percussion department – 11am-1pm

We can also meet in the Frankfurt airport on June 27 (3-5:30pm, @ Paulaner on the Squiare) or July 11 (evening, @ airport Sheraton), to deliver pre-ordered cymbals.