Welcome to Cymbalistic, the cymbal-dealing arm of the CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER! blogging enterprise, bringing you the wonderful Cymbal & Gong brand cymbals, specially hand-picked by the site author, Todd Bishop.


Cymbal & Gong is a Portland, Oregon company which produces limited quantities of some of the world’s finest traditional hand-crafted cymbals, created by artisan cymbal smiths in Turkey, and beautifully patinated.

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NEWS – 8/5/23

New cymbals are in— Special Janavars, Extra Special Janavars, Holy Grails, Turks! Hit Get Cymbals to hear them. We have two upcoming events, and a lot of cymbals will be moving out, so contact us to hold or order your cymbals now!

Monday, August 28, 2023 – Meet at Seattle Drum School – Georgetown – 7:30 pm
1010 S. Bailey Street, Seattle, WA. 98108 – (206) 763-9700
With Cymbalistic/CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER! proprietor Todd Bishop, Tim Ennis of Cymbal & Gong, John Bishop of Origin Records, and Steve Smith of Seattle Drum School. A lot of great drummers will be getting together to hang out and play cymbals. Come on down and say hi, and bring your own cymbals for comparison! Get on our mailing list for updates.

Early October – Making cymbal deliveries / meeting drummers in Berlin / Frankfurt / Heidelberg!  Space is limited, so order your cymbal now!