Welcome to Cymbalistic, the cymbal-dealing arm of the CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER! blogging enterprise, bringing you the wonderful Cymbal & Gong brand cymbals, specially hand-picked by the site author, Todd Bishop.


Cymbal & Gong is a Portland, Oregon company which produces limited quantities of some of the world’s finest traditional hand-crafted cymbals, created by artisan cymbal smiths in Turkey, and beautifully patinated.

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Escalating 20/30/40% discounts for each Leon purchased. 10% discount on ALL OTHER SERIES when purchased with a Leon. Click on GET CYMBALS for complete terms and prices.

New Leon Collection cymbals we have in stock include: two 22″ light rides, 19″ crash-ride, two 17″ crashes, and 15″ hihats. Also on sale are a 20″ Super Light Ride, a 20″ Thin Flat Ride, and a 19″ Custom Medium Flat Ride.

The general character of the Leon Collection is bright, light, airy, musical, lush— for an ECM-type sound in jazz weights. At a cymbal meet in Berlin, the consensus among drummers was that they were “like 602s, but better.”