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“These are all great cymbals, the best of the best by this fantastic company.

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These are new cymbals for sale, specially selected by Todd Bishop— read about how Todd chooses these cymbals. In all types and weights of cymbal, we look for an excellent, defined ride sound, responsiveness to accents with the shoulder of the stick, an explosive crash, and a strong, musical bell sound. Unless otherwise stated, all cymbals are good for both riding and crashing, and handle well at all dynamics from extremely soft to very strong. And always a pleasing sound, for a range of tastes and applications.


10/28/23 News

We’re just back from a very successful little Germany trip, so there’s not a lot left over! We did get four new cymbals: 20 and 22″ Special Janavars, a 20″ Extra Special Janavar, and a 16″ Holy Grail crash. Videos coming soon!

If you’re in Germany: The 20″ Holy Grail “Carter” and the 17″ Special Janavar “Laurie” are in Berlin and available for purchase.


Currently available cymbals:
Cymbals are listed by decreasing size and increasing weight. If you’re shopping for a set of cymbals, use the “play video in new tab” links to hear two or more cymbals at once.

Cymbals listed as ON HOLD are not necessarily sold— I encourage you to ask about them if you’re interested.

Contact us to request a personal special selection of a size/model not listed here.

Check out our archive of cymbals sold to hear more cymbals, or visit our YouTube page for video archives of all cymbals.


NEW – 10/5/23 – 22″ Holy Grail Jazz Ride – 2092 – “Brian” – $475.00 
Thinner than usual A-type with heavy patina! Full and deep sound. Rather wild in a natural state, the patina helps focus the sound and make it a more playable cymbal.

Video coming soon!

SOLD – NEW – 10/5/23 – 22″ Holy Grail Jazz Ride – 2150g – “Ibrahim” – $475.00
We’re in the Tony family of cymbals here— possibly a second cousin? Think Joe Chambers’s cymbal on Bobby Hutcherson’s albums from the late 60s: Medina, Total Eclipse, Now!, Oblique.

Thinner than usual, with a deep sound, full low cushion, depending on where you hit it, with controlled wash thanks to the heavy patina.

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NEW – 8/5/23 – Cymbal & Gong 22″ Extra Special Janavar Crash-Ride – 2425g – “Donna” – $499.00
Cymbalistic exclusive: Janavar with K-type lathing and hammering, plus heavy patina. The 22s have three rivets. This one is about 200g heavier than we’ve had before, but I can’t detect a distinct difference in sound or handling- Donna possibly gives a little stronger stick sound. Accents and crashes beautifully, and is not overwhelming despite the additional weight.

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GET IT IN GERMANY – Cymbal & Gong 20″ Holy Grail Ride – 1928g – “Carter” – $450.00
Slightly heavier than usual A-type ride, for a more pronounced stick sound. Crash response is also a little slower and stronger, but still quite usable as a jazz cymbal. Lighter patina. Lovely deep bell sound.

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NEW – 8/5/23 – Cymbal & Gong 20″ Extra Special Janavar Jazz Ride – 1793g – “Hillie” – $450.00
Cymbalistic exclusive: Janavar with K-type lathing and hammering, plus heavy patina. The 20″ XS Janavars have been a nice alternative to the regular 20″ Holy Grail- possibly a brighter, more projecting tonality, while still being fundamentally a jazz sound. This one has a nice clear ride sound and a nice energy to the crash sound— should bring good energy to a drumming texture.

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Cymbal & Gong 20″ Holy Grail Ride “A-type” – 1890g – “Booker” – $425.00
Cymbal & Gong’s best selling cymbal, with a 1950s-style squarish bell. Robust jazz sound, workhorse instrument, with some air and complexity in it.

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NEW – 8/5/23 – Cymbal & Gong 18″ Turk Thin Crash – 1271g – “Rin” – $355.00
Both Turks in this order came with a 5mm band of lathing at the edge, giving them a shimmer/delicacy usually lacking in Turk-type cymbals. Lovely lower, “throaty” crash sound, nice dark ride sound- and it does ride very well for such a thin cymbal.

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GET IT IN GERMANY  – Cymbal & Gong 17″ Special Janavar Crash – 1162g – “Laurie” – $335.00

Janavar with a heavy patina- a nice tight, dry little crash, that is nevertheless full-bodied, and suitable for light riding. Pleasingly bright/rough/energetic edge.

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Cymbal & Gong 14″ Custom Wide China – 566g – “Chi” – $225.00
Cymbal & Gong’s “wide” China cymbals are very thin, with a wide flange, a small round bell, and are my favorite Chinese-style cymbals in world. Very responsive, giving the Chinese sound we want at all volume levels, without being obnoxious.

The 14″ Chinas make me think of Ed Blackwell. They are more than just effects cymbals— they give a high energy crash sound, and choke sound, but are also good for a number of other creative ride effects. It’s difficult for me to describe the qualities of this particular cymbal— the video will have to suffice!

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