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“These are all great cymbals, the best of the best by this fantastic company.

I could happily play any of them for the rest of my career.”


These are new cymbals for sale, specially selected by Todd Bishop— read about how Todd chooses these cymbals. In all types and weights of cymbal, we look for an excellent, defined ride sound, responsiveness to accents with the shoulder of the stick, an explosive crash, and a strong, musical bell sound. All cymbals are good for both riding and crashing, and handle well at all dynamics from extremely soft to very strong.

Email us to request a personal special selection of a cymbal model not listed here.

Visit our YouTube page for video archives of all cymbals.

2/10/19 NOTE: New cymbals available: two 18s and three sets of hihats. Shipment arriving by the end of February, and a new manufacturer order will be placed soon, so let us know about any special sizes/models you are interested in.

Currently available cymbals:

NEW – 18″ Holy Grail Crash-Ride “Henry”- 1595 grams – $325.00
Categorized as a crash-ride, but this is more of a light-medium ride. A classic clean jazz sound. Does not quite open up for an explosive fortissimo crash, but accents very nicely with the shoulder of the stick. Sticks used are Bopworks Birdland model, and Vic Firth SD-4 Combos.

NEW – 18″ American Artist Crash “Gregor” – 1379 grams – $325.00
Full, responsive, lower pitched, all purpose medium-thin crash. Powerful crash sound. Fine for light riding in a jazz setting. Sticks used are Bopworks Birdland model, and Vic Firth SD-4 Combos.

NEW – 15″ Holy Grail Light Hihats “Grady” – 836/1019 grams – $450.00
Lovely, lush, complex, thin hihats. Relatively soft foot sound, with a beautiful sizzle played half open. Sticks used are Vic Firth SD-4 Combos.


NEW – 14″ American Artist Medium Hihats “Brock” – 992/1210 grams – $375.00
Medium hihats, high pitched, pleasingly bright timbre. Solid foot sound. Excellent, musical, all-purpose cymbals, good for jazz, as well as music where more cutting power is needed. Sticks used are Vic Firth SD-4 Combos.

NEW – 15″ FACTORY SECOND light hihats “Campbell” – approximately 850/1025 grams – $250.00
Great cymbals at a bargain price! This would be a wonderful set of Holy Grail hihats, but someone at the factory dropped them, and there are dings on the edge of both cymbals— approximately 2-3mm. I think that is what’s commonly called a “flea bite”— it should not significantly effect the life of the the cymbals. The patina looks nice, but is somewhat more irregular than is normally expected. As factory seconds they do not bear a C&G cold stamp or label. Sticks used are Vic Firth SD-4 Combos.


Holy Grail 22″ Jazz Ride “Eloi” – 2085 grams – $450.00
Unusual jazz-weight A-type ride. Slightly exotic. Nice low roar, with a very responsive, full, booming crash with a light bwah sound. Sonorous, cutting bell sound.


Holy Grail 22″ Ride – “Richard” – approx. 2100 grams – $450.00
A great jazz cymbal, with a focused, controlled sound. Cool, deep bell sound, and a big deep crash. See video of the unpatinated cymbal.

Video of patinated cymbal:


Holy Grail 22″ Jazz Ride – 2163 grams – “Crawford” – $450.00
Great, solid jazz ride, more complex harmonic profile than Richard.


Cymbal & Gong Midnight Lamp 22″ Light Ride – “Clevon”
Custom unlathed “Midnight Lamp” series. Light ride, smaller bell than Holy Grail rides. Fundamentally low pitched, with a very low cushion of sound. Great definition, controlled sound, as expected with unlathed cymbals. Great for low volume playing, recording, and practicing.


Holy Grail 20″ Medium Ride – “Idris” – 1974 grams – $390.00
Great, musical light-medium ride for all kinds of music. Traditional sound with cutting power. Video.

Holy Grail 20″ Swish – “Ferdinand” – 1466 grams – $390.00

Large bell and wide flange, medium-thin in weight. Great sounding Chinese-style cymbal. Very responsive for soft or loud accents, good for light riding. Video.


Holy Grail 18″ Crash-Ride – “Connie” – 1404 grams – $325.00
Medium-thin crash that makes a great crash-ride. Doesn’t build up when riding. High pitched but dark sound. Pleasant, delicate bell sound. Video.

Holy Grail 18″ Crash – “Austin” – 1391 grams – $325.00 – AVAILABLE IN GERMANY ONLY

Solid medium thin crash, decent for light riding. Video.

Holy Grail 16″ Thin Crash – 914 grams – “Bastien” – $290.00
Funky low pitched (for the size) crash with unusual patina and hammering. A few C&G cymbals have a “dead” quality I really like— they sound like old cymbals that have been played a lot. This is one of them. Another nice quality of C&G crashes is that they tend to ride extremely well, while also being very responsive as crashes— again, that’s this cymbal. Video.

Original audio of Bastien:


A short solo using the three 16″ Holy Grail cymbals: Bastien, Martin, Otis:


Archived listings of sold cymbals.
Visit our YouTube page to compare sounds of these cymbals.

SOLD – Holy Grail 22″ Jazz Ride – “Ewell” – 2126 grams – $450.00
Big, live jazz sound; somewhat splashy crash sound; deep, mellow bell. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 22″ Jazz Ride – “Taylor” – 2183 grams – $450.00
Dark, with great definition; fast crash. Deep bell sound. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 22″ Ride – “Louis” – approx. 2100 grams – $450.00
Excellent jazz-weight cymbal. C&G jazz rides tend to be a little heavier than the equivalent model of other brands, giving them better definition and projection, and a good bell sound, while maintaining the dark, complex sound favored by most jazz drummers. Higher pitched than RichardVideo.

SOLD – Holy Grail 20″ Jazz Ride – “Clarence” – 1834 grams – $390.00
Light-medium jazz ride, controlled and focused, with great definition; responsive to accents, higher pitched. Good as a primary ride, and versatile. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 20″ Jazz Ride – “Walter” – 1732 grams – $390.00
Light-medium jazz ride, high pitched with a dark sound. Nice airy crash sound, cutting bell. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 20″ Jazz Ride – “Pete” – 1845 grams – $390.00
Classic dark jazz ride. Complex sound with good stick definition. Slight exotic edge on accents and crashes. Good as a primary ride! Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 20″ Jazz Ride – “Willie” – 1721 grams – $390.00
Another solid classic jazz ride; very dark, great definition; responsive to accents. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 20″ Jazz Ride – “Moyes” – 1845 grams – $390.00
Complex but solid jazz ride, excellent main cymbal. Long crash sound. 11/9/18 update: This cymbal is currently getting a special heavy patina, which will dry its sound. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 20″ Medium Ride – “Lee” – approx. 2000 grams – $390.00
Solid, musical, medium ride suited to all kinds of music. Lighter in weight than major-manufacturer medium rides. Excellent definition and a clean tone, strong bell sound and not-quite-explosive crash, while still having a warm, deep, old-A sound. I find that C&G’s medium weight cymbals handle soft playing very nicely. Video.

SOLD – Mersey Beat 20″ Crash-Ride – “Freddie” – $375.00
Brighter, “A”-like sound, but musically complex, the 20″ Mersey Beat makes an excellent jazz ride cymbal, especially as a left-side cymbal. Freddie is lower pitched than other examples of this model we have played. All 20″ Mersey Beat cymbals have four rivets, at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Video.

SOLD – Mersey Beat 20″ Crash-Ride – “Dave” – 2175 grams – $375.00
With four rivets. Bright and clean, with enough complexity to be interesting. Musical crash and bell sounds. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 19″ Jazz Ride – 1764 grams – “Edgar” – $355.00
Solid-performing medium weight jazz ride. Classic jazz sound with excellent projection. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 18″ Crash – “Chan” – 1402 grams – $325.00
Another great medium thin crash. All three of these 18s are great left side cymbals for bebop. Video.

SOLD – Leon Collection 18″ Thin Crash – “Zénon” – $300
This is a special line of cymbals by C&G’s lead smith, with superfine lathing and a bright finish. They are very lush and responsive, with an unusual harmonic profile— fairly subtly so with this cymbal. Zénon has a big, full crash sound, and also handles light riding very well. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 16″ Thin Crash – 884 grams – “Martin” – $290.00
This is a Cymbal & Gong classic— beautifully blended, complex, warm crash sound with no off-harmonics. Outstanding crash sound. It’s such a responsive crash that it doesn’t ride quite as well as Bastien below… but 16″ is typically a little small do much riding on anyway. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 15″ Light Hihats – 837/1024 grams – “Cliff”
Wonderful, very versatile semi-dark, thin cymbals. Solid foot sound, great sizzle. Video.

SOLD – Holy Grail 16″ Light Hihats – 875/1086 grams – “Otis” – $510.00
These large hihats are becoming a very popular item. If you’ve ever played any old, very thin K hihats, Otis is the giant Chrysler Imperial version of that. It’s hard to describe these cymbals with normal words: dark, massive sizzle; traditional mooshy foot sound; chunky/funky stick sound; whooshing open sound. Listen to Charli Persip play with Gil Evans to get an idea of the family from which these cymbals come. Video.

SOLD – FACTORY SECOND – 22″ Medium Ride “Mallory” – 2360 grams – $280.00
Excellent, very playable A-type light-medium ride. All of C&G’s medium rides are crashable, with a good balance between clean and complex harmonic profile. They would never be mistaken for a modern A-type cymbal by a major brand. This cymbal has a warm, relatively clean sound, long sustain, and an awesome, very full, musical crash sound at fortissimo levels. It will make a good jazz ride, or medium ride in settings where a live, full-sounding cymbal is called for.

A minor technical flaw in the manufacturing process means you get a big discount on this cymbal. There’s a slight flaw with the lathing— the lathed-away metal is stuck in the grooves in a few spots. Only visible on close inspection, there is some light surface roughness in those spots. This makes no detectable difference in sound, and will not affect the life of the cymbal. Tim at Cymbal & Gong tells me you could go in with a dental tool and remove the stuck bits, but you will probably just play it as is.

This cymbal has the Holy Grail-type patina, but as a factory second, it has no C&G cold stamp or label.