Welcome to Cymbalistic, the cymbal-dealing arm of the CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER! blogging enterprise, bringing you the wonderful Cymbal & Gong brand cymbals, specially hand-picked by the site author, Todd Bishop.


Cymbal & Gong is a Portland, Oregon company which produces limited quantities of some of the world’s finest traditional hand-crafted cymbals, created by artisan cymbal smiths in Turkey, and beautifully patinated.

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3/3/19 NEWS – New cymbal videos are up! Also see the selection video— many of those cymbals may still available if you request them soon. This week offers the best range of options until the next shipment arrives in the spring, so let us know if you want a model not currently in stock on this site, and not played in the selection video.

3/7/19 – Videos for three more great cymbals coming: 20″ Leon Collection light ride with patina, 20″ American Artist medium ride, 14″ Holy Grail light-medium hihats. There are pre-holds on all of these cymbals, but they will be available to purchase if the reservees pass on them.