Michael Griener’s cymbals

Here’s a video Michael Griener, our man in Berlin, made for me back in May, demonstrating his two sets of Cymbal & Gong* cymbals. Michael has been a loyal (and increasingly exclusive) Cymbal & Gong user since about 2017, when I got him his first used 20″ Mersey Beat.

Michael is one of the most active players around, constantly touring and recording all over Europe, and it’s a very big deal to have a player like that be so enthusiastic about Cymbal & Gong’s cymbals. Serious players love them.

* And Leon Collection, which were sort of under C&G’s umbrella when he got them.

First part:
Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail 14” hihats “Richie”
Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail 18” crash “Lyle”
Cymbal & Gong Extra Special Janavar 20” crash-ride “Kirk”
Cymbal & Gong Second Line Swish Knocker 20″ “Melba”

Second part : 3:39
Leon Collection Light Hihats 14″ “Florent”
Leon Collection 18″ Thin Crash “Zénon”
Cymbal & Gong Mersey Beat Ride 20″ “Alvin”
Cymbal & Gong Project cymbal: Swish with cutout, drilled for 17 rivets 22″ “Dizzy”

Sticks used: LA Backbeat JB505X

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